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Biological preparation for removing obstructions and maintaining grease separators, drainage, traps, septic tanks, waste water treatment plants, etc.)...
Easy, effective, natural and ecological treatment that dissolves obstructions in ducts and drainage, keeping them clear for extended lengths of time.
Keeps water and sludge moving freely.
Contains and prevents generation of the main components of unpleasant odours.

FAGOCAD® is a natural concentrated gel of enzymes and polyuronic acids, which have biological properties as catalysts, ionic exchangers, polyelectrolytes and as a culture medium for bacteria.
  • It prevents the development of unpleasant odours in washing water and in sludge decanting.
  • After a short period of application, it turns cloudy and foul-smelling water accumulated in the circuits and decanter into clear, odourless water.
  • It ensures excellent sedimentation of micro particles in the decanter.
  • It promotes and stabilises the development of macrobiology in the aerobic and anaerobic treatment plant.
  • It prevents pipes, pump turbines and septic equipment filters from clogging up.
  • It stabilises pH and gradually dilutes old seats in anaerobic reactors and prevents the development of sulphuric acid in the fermentation towers and bio-reactors.
  • It reduces to a great extent the use of oxygen, lime, flocculants, surface-active agents and acids to lower the pH in anaerobic tanks. It thus improves the capacity and maintenance of any treatment / disposal unit.
It can be applied directly in drains or fluids that aid dilution of the preparation, such as kitchen sumps, wash hand basins, dishwashers, ice trays, spillways and drains in general connected to the final septic tank. It can also be applied directly in urinals, portable tanks and septic tanks in a preliminary dilution in clean water of 1: 25-100

FAGOCAD® is a registered trademark of biopolym ibérica, S.A.